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Attorney Laura Shepard

Attorney Laura Sheppard
I graduated from Massachusetts School of Law at Andover in 1996 and was admitted to the Massachusetts state bar in December 1996. I immediately began working as an associate attorney for a busy downtown Boston personal injury firm where I worked for several years. Since I knew I wanted to practice law in New Hampshire, I sat for the New Hampshire bar in 1998 and I was admitted to the New Hampshire state bar in May 1998. I am also admitted in the federal courts of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In 2000, I relocated to New Hampshire and worked for a local Nashua firm and then a firm in Manchester for several years. After working ten years with another prominent and seasoned injury lawyer, I decided to open my own firm.

What makes me different from the rest?

For over two decades, I have handled hundreds of personal injury claims for a diverse clientele ranging from a hard working auto mechanic who suffered severe bilateral shoulder traumas to a young woman who suffered severe facial scarring and disfigurement from a vicious dog attack to a career floral designer who suffered a life changing traumatic brain injury from a slip and fall just to name a few cases I’ve handled. Throughout my relationship with my clients in all of my cases, I have come to realize just how precious life is and how an injury can completely change one’s life. I also came to realize that my “calling” as an attorney is to take a more humanistic approach to handling my clients’ claims. I realize that each of my clients has different needs and expectations.

I work very hard to understand my clients as unique individuals with unique lives with unique needs.

Throughout my practice, I have always been an advocate of taking a more conciliatory approach to my cases whether I am communicating with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, medical experts, family members, witnesses, etc. For years I volunteered as a conciliator for the Lowell Superior Court with the intention of trying to get parties to “roundtable” their positions in hopes of getting to an amicable resolution. It was with great pleasure to help claimants look at both sides of their case and get the parties to move to a resolution. I am also a certified mediator in MA having completed a rigorous 40 hour training course. Unfortunately, not all claims can resolve at a roundtable mediation session and some matters must be pursued in court. I have litigated many claims over the years in both MA and NH and I have witnessed first-hand that our court system, while a wonderful forum, has many shortcomings due to time delays, judge and staff shortages, excessive costs to pursue litigation, and most of all – the unpredictability of the outcome.

I find that taking a more conciliatory approach in handling claims leads to a much more effective and satisfactory result for my clients.


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